Flywheel energy storage already has a global impact.

The key to the integration of renewable energy

Flywheel energy storage systems speed up the implementation of the energy transition worldwide. They not only ensure the reliable integration of renewable energy into electricity grids, but also ensure grid stability for a clean electricity supply at low costs. Especially in applications that require high performance, high dynamics and a high number of cycles, the flywheel can play out its strengths.

An overview of flywheel applications:

Our adaptive flywheel makes existing power plants more flexible in order to participate in the balancing energy market. Particularly exciting are the markets for Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR/PRL) in Central Europe, Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) in England and Fast Frequency Response (FFR) in Ireland.

The adaptive flywheel keeps microgrids stable and enables grid operation without diesel generators. The flywheel controls frequency and voltage and provides spinning reserve capacity.

Rail, electrified roads and the hyperloop - the adaptive flywheel recuperates braking energy and provides power for acceleration. This can save up to 30% of energy costs.

Load smoothing, voltage stabilization, recuperation and increasing supply reliability - the adaptive flywheel takes on a variety of tasks. In industry applications it decreases energy costs and increases production quality.

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