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Energy storage – technology consulting

Energy storage balances the volatile generation of renewable energies and the stochastic consumption. Diverse storage technologies are available for this service. During our years of research in the field we have gained profound knowledge in all aspects of energy storage systems.

We know the impact of the operating strategy on the performance of an energy storage system and know how to operate it economically in regulated markets. We are happy to work with you on your energy storage project.

Microgrids – simulation & analysis

Microgrids are small power grids that supply and stabilize themselves. Many of the technical challenges that occur in a microgrid also occur in large interconnected grids. Due to its small size, however, the effects in the microgrid are considerably more serious and can be observed earlier.

We have great experience with microgrids and the challenges they pose. We are happy to assist you with our software for the analysis of microgrids and provide measures for the stabilization of grids.

Balancing power – market analysis & strategies

The balancing power market offers power plant operators the opportunity to generate additional revenue. However, due to the strict regulation of the market, new entrants are facing great obstacles, e.g. associated with the prequalification process. In addition, the dynamic market makes long term revenue prediction very difficult.


We are experts in the field of balancing power and know the market rules and pitfalls of the prequalification process. Using parametric models, we can simulate the operation of your plants and derive recommendations for the unit schedule and bid strategy.

Technology assessment – our expert opinion

The growth of new technologies in the field of energy generation and storage is rapid. However, some of these technologies are still in an unproven state. Many do not achieve the necessary reliability, the efficiency does not meet expectations, their cost-effectiveness is unclear or there is no approval for the market.

Because of our work on a novel energy storage technology, the discussions with our customers, suppliers and certification bodies, we know the challenges that are relevant when introducing a new technology into the market. We are happy to assist you in evaluating new technologies.

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