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Uninterruptible Power Supply and Industrial microgrid islanding

In regions with unreliable electricity grids, industrial power grids are equipped with backup power systems. In case of a grid failure, production is interrupted until the backup power system has started up. The adaptive flywheel bridges the time between power failure and startup of the backup system. It acts as a part of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This enables customers to continue production without interruption. Productivity and production quality increase.

Load smoothing, voltage stabilization and recuperation

Dynamic processes in the industry can lead to load peaks increasing the costs of energy procurement. At the same time, braking energy is often fed back into the network unused. Highly dynamic processes can also result in fluctuations in the mains voltage, which lead to malfunctions of control systems and other sensitive equipment.


The adaptive flywheel balances load peaks and recuperates braking energy. It provides the required power in fractions of a second, thus stabilizing the mains voltage. This minimizes energy costs, efficiency is increased and downtime is reduced.

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