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Tram Energy Recovery

Tram cars require high power when accelerating and can recuperate energy when braking. Depending on the condition of the traction network, only a limited part of the recuperated energy can be taken up by the grid. The adaptive flywheel stores the recuperated energy and makes it available for the next acceleration phase.

Fast Charging of Electric Buses

Public Transport Cooperation can significantly reduce the number of Electric Buses in their system through the use of Fast Charging Stations. These Charging Stations have high grid connection needs which are normally not met in urban areas and on the edges of metropolitan regions. Flywheels provide a buffer that enable the use of Fast Charging Stations in these areas.

Electrified roads

First pilot projects are investigating the electrification of roads via overhead line systems. The projects show that the dynamic acceleration and deceleration of the vehicles increases the requirements of the energy supply. The adaptive flywheel provides the power needed for acceleration and recuperates braking energy.


The innovative high-speed transport system transports passengers and cargo at more than 1000 km/h. Passengers can cover long distances within a short time and the journey is more efficient and faster than by plane.


Bringing the transport vehicles up to speed requires great amounts of power for acceleration and deceleration. The adaptive flywheel is ideal here. It provides the power at the necessary sections and recuperates the braking energy - if necessary, several thousand times a day. The electrification of the track becomes more cost-effective and the operation more efficient while the reliability is increased.

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