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The technological advantage of the adaptive flywheel results from its hollow cylinder design. The flywheel rotates around its stator. As first in industry Adaptive was able to master the complex mechatronic interactions of the design.


This outer-rotor design maximizes the energy stored in the flywheel and allows to adapt the power and capacity of the storage unit to match each applications requirements. Nevertheless, the system consists of 95% common parts while being manufactured under conditions of series production at low costs. This is Industry 4.0 in use.

Based on an ancient principle

The flywheel principle is the oldest energy storage technology known to mankind. Already ancient pottery wheels stored energy in the rotary motion of the flywheel. Today an electric motor accelerates the flywheel which charges the storage system. In generator mode, the motor converts the mechanical energy of the flywheel back into electricity. The flywheel slows down and the system is discharged.

Designed for efficiency

The high efficiency is achieved by operation in high vacuum and with non-contact magnetic bearings. The rotor levitates freely and there is no friction. This minimizes the maintenance efforts.

The electric motor is integrated in the flywheel, providing a high power density. In conjunction with the power electronics, the energy storage system reacts highly dynamic. Even under full load, power is reversed in fractions of a second.


Proven materials, components and technologies - tried and tested in mechanical engineering and used for decades in series production. During its 25-year design life, the flywheel can be charged and discharged as often as needed. All raw materials come from well-known sources. At end of life the flywheel is fed into the established material streams and recycled.

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